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Our Kitchen Process

1.Book a Site Visit on Omaamart –
2. A person will visit the site and take measurements.
3. After the Measurement, Our Back-Office will contact you for quote queries.
4. You will get the estimate price for your kitchen based on your requirements.
5. After confirmation, Pay 10% for design of your kitchen.
6. After Confirming the Design and quote given, Pay 20% For Final Measurement and Factory production.
7. After final measurement, your kitchen will be going through production.
8. After 10-15 Working Days, your order will be ready for dispatch.
10. Once your order is ready for dispatch at the compound, you’ll have to make the remaining 70% Balance Payment.
11. As soon as you make the payment your kitchen material will be loaded to your house and fitting shall begin and in 2-3 days your kitchen will be ready.