10 ft Length X 7 ft Length Platform – 80% Off L-Shape Kitchen with Base & Wall Cabinet Storage

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Offer Price (Including Tax) 25,499.00

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  •  marine plywood(waterproof).
  • All the kitchen prices include wall cabinets.
  • Carcasses, Baskets, Shutters, and color hardware sizes are Standard. to make them non-standard, you would have to pay extra according to the prices given below.
  • Please read the details before you place an order.

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Additional information

Kitchen Type

Laminate Kitchen with wall cabinet, Laminate Kitchen with wall cabinet+ loft, Acrylic Kitchen with wall cabinet, Glass Kitchen, PU Lacquered Kitchen

Loft Price

Acrylic loft price : 33250

PU/Glass price : 85500

80% OFF Standard Laminate Kitchen Details/Terms & Conditions

  • Please read the details before you place your order
  • Marine Plywood Waterproof – 1year warranty
  • Carcasses, Baskets, Shutters, Colors, and hardware sizes are Standard. to make them non-standard, you would have to pay extra according to the prices given below.
  • You will have 8 different color choices, For extra colors from our other color catalogs, the discount will be reduced to 65%.
  • Wall cabinets and Base trolley are included within the given price.
  • Cutlery SS Basket (trolley) (1 years warranty)
  • Cup & Saucer SS Basket (trolley) (1 years warranty)
  • Thali SS Basket (trolley) (1 years warranty)
  • 2-nos. Plain SS Basket (trolley) (1 years warranty)
  •  Telescopic Channels 20 inches – 5 pairs (6months warranty)
  • Hinges normal
  • Handles Standard 6 inches
  • Wall cabinet – depth 1ft, height 2ft.
  • All products are marine plywood inside core, poplar, eucalyptus hardwood.
  • All wall unit box carcass, base vertical base framing Patti partition outside inside matte white our standard color only if want any changes charge is applicable
  • All shutters (Door) & fecia front finish is available with 8 color choices. The back color is matte white color. In-case you need some other colors on the backside Additional charges are to be applied.
  • If you need wooden shelves in the wall cabinet additional charges will be applied (Per shelf = ₹699).
  • If you need wooden shelves in the base platform additional charges will be applied (Per shelf = ₹1299).
  • If you need Bin Holder & Detergent holder, additional charges will be applied (₹2000).
  • If you want a Handle of your choice, the price will be actual.
  • If you want a Glass Shutter, additional charges will be applied (₹2000).
  • If you want an extra number of Baskets, additional charges will be applied as it is not just a basket but also different shutter size, channel, and handle (₹3300).
  • If you need glass shelves in the wall cabinet additional charges will be applied (Per shelf = ₹600).
  • For every material, the detail will be standard.
  • Color Codes available with this discount :
  • Default wall cabinets will be handleless, if you need handles applied on it additional charges will be applied (Per Handle = ₹100). example: if you need 10 handles on the wall cabinet, it will be ₹1000.
  • The wall cabinet sides and bottom shutter, the standard color will be our Matte White Color, for a different color, additional charges will be applied ( ₹2000).
  • For a Chimney Panel, an additional ₹1500 will be applied.
  • W                 H                      D
  • 1.5 Ft          2Ft                      1Ft              Our Standard Carcase
  • 2 Ft             2Ft                      1 Ft             Our Standard Carcase
  • 2.5 Ft         2Ft                       1 Ft             Our Standard Carcase
  • 3 Ft            2Ft                       1Ft              Our Standard Carcase
  • The above sizes are our standard carcase and shutter sizes, sizes other than this, additional charges will be applied. (Per Carcase = ₹2000/ Per Shutter = ₹1000)
  • Our Standard Basket Size (in Inches)
  • Width           Length         Height
  • 19                      20                  4      Our Standard Basket (inch) 19                      20                  6      Our Standard Basket (inch) 19                      20                  8      Our Standard Basket (inch)
  • The above sizes are our standard sizes, sizes other than this, additional charges of ₹1000 will be applied. (this includes only Basket, This does not include handles, hinges, shutters, etc.)
  • once your confirmation along with 2nd payment is received, it will take 15days from then for your material to be ready in the factory.
  • Once you make your 3rd payment, you material will be sent to your house and fitting will start.
  • Transportation And Fitting Chargase at actual as per pincode.Booking amount that you pay during or before your site visit are NON REFUNDABLE. Kindly Read everything before you place your order Fitting & Installation will start from the second day of material delivery. Transportation, loading and unloading your product safely at your home will be company’s responsibility. After You transfer the 2nd advance payment, we will take 15-20 working days for manufacturing Standard Process in our factory Transportation & fitting will start only after you make the third payment. Material will be sent to your house as soon as you make the payment. Before making the payment, you can also check the products in your compound. All products are marine plywood inside core, poplar, eucalyptus hardwood. We use a standard back panel of 5mm And marine plywood of 18mm thickness. There may be slight thickness variation within the allowable tolerance limit of + – 1mm. We use standard good quality material. If you have any special requirements or modifications we can help you with additional nominal charges. We have standard colors of laminates and acrylics which we give all over India but still, if you want to have different colors of your choice then the same can be made available at minimum additional cost as applicable. This price is for the standard material and color we use all over India. In case you want any change in the standard material or color then the same can be made available at additional cost. We give PVC edgebanding only on the visible side panels. We use SS Steel Baskets. All wall unit box carcass, base verticle base framing Patti partition outside inside matt white our standard color only if want any changes extra charge is applicable. All shutter, Door,fesia front-finish color will be your choice only. The back color is matt white (standard color). if want any other color on the backside it is chargeable. Orders must be confirmed via the website, verbal confirmation will not be accepted in any condition. Given QUOTATION confirmation is the final, so request you to please check the QUOTATION carefully (size, qty, color code, rate, remark, etc) before giving confirmation. Order Book ones can not be canceled for any Reason and Non-Refundable Amount. Goods ones sold will not be taken back in any circumstance. Other Colour prices will be Increase 10% to 25% Extra. Your Base shutter will be fixed according to your Platform. Price will be the same as per quotation. if need extra, the price will be extra at actual For Delivery, Schedule Depends on Availability of Laminate, Acrylic, Pu Coating Tounght Glass other Finish. Company Reserves the Right to Change the Delivery Date and will inform as per scheduled (In case of emergencies). In the case of Furniture, the fitting date changes for some Reason so company have Reserve all right to change the next date. Your Price remains the same as shown on our website but after the visit, Kitchen Sizes & Design might change then the Price will be changed by your modifications. after your confirmation via email, your order will go for production. Standard and nonstandard hardware warranty 1 Year. After 1 year charges will be applied at actual. Material Delivery is only mentioned in the quotation list, if you Require any other material after order confirmation that is not in the quotation, the cost will be extra at actual. In case After the site visit Your Kitchen Platform size does not match with our standard design and size or you want to make kitchen design as per your choice then our Designer Expert team will work accordingly and send you the design & Quotation(from website) on email for confirmation and after your confirmation Order will go to the Production floor. If you want to Book site visit so you will transfer the visiting charges 1st then we will arrange the site visit within 72hrs. without Charges Site visit not possible in any condition. Visiting Charges Is valid for 6month only. After 6 months the charge will be extra. Hardware, Warrentey as per Hardware Brand and warrenty period. Any non-manufacturing defects and damages post receiving delivery are not valid for returns or replacements. Customized and made-to-order furniture pieces, purchased, cannot be returned or exchanged. All payments made at any stage are Non-refundable.
  • If you want colors other than the standard colors then you have to give 15% booking advance. Price will increase by 10-25%
    Booking Amount (Inclusive of Transportation/Fitting/GST/Measurement charges) is not inclusive of the price mentioned. Booking amount will be extra. When you have to call carpenter for Repairing work in Warranty prior, Then you have to put 999 Rupees In company Account for visiting traveling then in 7 Working days carpenter will come to your Place

65% OFF Make to size kitchen description

Cooking Platform (main platform) length 10 feet base unit Size – Length 9ft, height 2.5ft, depth 22 inches. Hinges normal – 4 pairs Handles Standard 6 inches – 9 Pcs. The number of doors (shutters) – 9 Pcs. Cooking Platform (main platform) length 10 feet wall unit Number of cabinets (box) with width 2ft, depth 1ft, height 2ft – 2 Nos. with 1 fix shelf Number of Doors (shutters) – 4 Nos. Handles Standard 6 inches – 4 Nos. Hinges normal – 4 Pairs Service Platform length 7 feet base unit Number of Doors (shutters)– 4 Nos. Handles Standard 6 inches – 4 Nos. hinges normal – 4 Pairs Service Platform length 7 feet wall unit Wall cabinet Width 2 feet, Depth – 1 feet, height – 2 feet, Number of units – 2 Number of cabinets (box) – 2 Nos. with 1 fix shelf Number of Doors (shutters) – 4 Nos. Handles Standard 6 inches – 4 Nos. hinges normal – 4 Pairs


Q1. Is there any Customization possible other than the displayed designs? A.  Sure, we do provide all sorts of customizations but prices may vary from case to case. The prices mentioned on the website are the best possible & no further discounts are encouraged. Q2. Where can we see your Sample/textures? A. Yes, please visit the Gallery / Product gallery section of our website. Alternatively, during the site visit, you can see the physical samples available with the person. Q3. Can we have a look at your existing consumers/their kitchens/ Factory? A. Looking towards the privacy of an individual and our Factory, we can’t arrange that, but yes you can have a view of it in our gallery section. Q4. Is there any showroom/display/physical experience center available? A. We do wish to cut on the costs & transfer the entire benefit of this to our consumers. Hence we do not have any display centres & supplies are made directly from the manufacturing base. Q5. Can urgent delivery/installation be arranged? A. Yes, urgent service can be opted for, while doing the booking by paying a little premium on standard charges Q6 –  In case of any issue with the product, then? A. We are a professionally managed organization & we take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of your product pre/during installation. Q7. What will be my kitchen price? A. Prices for all types and sizes are mentioned on the website. (if you select size 10×6, it means 10ft on one side in length and 6ft on the other in length) Q8. What if we don’t know our kitchen size? A. In case you don’t know your proper kitchen size, you can go for any kitchen size, book it and then during the site visit your proper measurements will be taken and the price for that respective size that actually matches your kitchen will be considered. That price will however be taken from the website itself. that is the core reason for us to give the prices of all possible sizes. you can look for all sizes to get the price range. Q9. Where is your showroom/Shop/Factory? A. Omaa Mart is an online company and it does not have a showroom/Shop. All the materials will be supplied to you from our factory in Maharashtra (Pune, Nasik, Mumbai) , Surat, Ahmedabad, Delhi & Bangalore. Q10. Can the representative come to our house before booking? A. No. You would have to book the kitchen by going to add to cart, entering your details, paying the booking Booking amount. Once you have placed the order, you will receive a mail and a call (in 60mins) and the person will come 2nd/3rd day to take your measurement and show you the color catalog. The next day you will receive a design and quotation(from the website) which is customizable. once you confirm it, you would have to pay 15-35% of the total amount for your make-to-size kitchen to go into production. It takes 15-20 working days from then for your kitchen to be ready and takes 2-3 days for installation. your kitchen is then ready. Q11. Is the booking amount inclusive of the amount mentioned on the site? A. No, the booking amount is your transportation-fitting, measurement(with sample catalog) & customizable designs charge, and is exclusive of the price mentioned on the site. To know your booking amount, add to cart and enter your Pincode. Q12. Will the platform be included in Kitchen Amount? A. No, Platform work, appliances, chimney, and sink are included in Civil Work but not in the kitchen price. We also do civil work but the price for that is separate and will be given to you after your Site-Visit. Q13. What will be included in the price mentioned on the website? A. The price mentioned on the site includes Wall cabinets for how much ever platforms you have, 5 Trolleys in the base, and GST. To know more, check the description tab on the website. Q14. What all work is done at your place? A. We do everything that is included in the home interior. Wardrobe, Bed, safety Door, sofa, Sofa-cum-bed, TV unit, Shoe rack, Study table, Dressing table, Ready-made furniture like Dining-table and others. Civil work, electric work, false ceiling (POP), Painting work, Plumbing, grillwork, and others. where you get up to 50% of discount in good quality. Q15. What if we want to renovate the kitchen and want to remove the old material? A. We can also do that, Rs. 3000 extra will be charged for removing the old material. 16. Can our price differ after the site visit? A. Prices will only differ if your kitchen size or requirement differs. If you want to know how much it can differ, you can check the details provided in the site.
Q17. What do you mean by a loft? A. A loft is the extra storage (wall-to-wall) above the wall cabinet. The price for that is mentioned on the website. Q18. What is Laminate/Acrylic? A. Laminate/Acrylic/Glass/PU are different materials used in different kitchens according to customer’s budgets and choices. Laminate – less glossy most commonly used Acrylic – More on glossier, smoother & appealing side. Q19. What material is used? A. Marine Plywood with 5 years of warranty (waterproof). Q20. How is your price so inexpensive? A. We provide material from direct factory and have been supplying material to both businesses and end customers for 10 years now. we order high-quality raw material in bulk and supply the goods to you without any mediators or showrooms maintenance cost in between. Hence our price is comparatively less of the same quality.

Kitchen Process

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